Thursday, 20 February 2014

A beautiful day...

We've just been for the most glorious dog walk. E, J and I. I didn't give J the option to stay behind and play computer games today it was too sunny and warm to miss out on.

E listens to music on walks now and this suits me fine because lip reading and walking is not without it's hazards and I do like to take in the sky, the trees and keep an eye on the dogs too.

J decided to take his football despite the unsuitability of muddy fields and woodland for kicking it along. On the home straight, which is a long straight narrow path he decided to start running. It took me back to a holiday in France where we were strolling along a huge straight sandy beach. Jake was only four and had probably never seen open space as far as they eye could see. He abandoned his bucket and spade and started running at a steady pace and didn't stop. Eventually we realised that someone would have to catch him up and so we all started jogging despite the fact that he was a little dot in the distance by then. When we caught up with him he wasn't even out of breath (we certainly were!) It was the most bizzarre event, I'd love to have known what was going through his mind.

I can never look back without also looking forward, when it comes to the children. Those lovely times are gone and one day they will leave home. When they do it will be with mixed emotions. On the one hand I often think I will be ready for some time out and on the other it is quite a daunting thought.

The radio flyer that I once pulled them both along in is now just a glorified picnic transporter. When they leave home it will just be a wheelbarrow. Other toys this week are making their way up to the attic for their children, and I tell you, their children are not going to need many new things!

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