Tuesday, 18 February 2014


One dog in a muddy puddle...

Two dogs in a muddy puddle...

Woohoo! Three dogs in a muddy puddle. These three certainly love mud and water, preferably at the same time.

We had Archie overnight while his Plan A babysitters attended a wedding. Poor dog is probably beyond confused now but he does return to his home in the South in March so my guess is he will know then that it's just been a very long holiday with my Mum and Dad with the odd day trip to our house.

It was a good trial run for owning three dogs, and that's a definite no. Two is more than enough thank you. Just the boot of the car was quite crowded on the way to this wonderful network of bridle ways that we've recently discovered.

Three wet dogs was a bit whiffy too, though they were dry and fluffy by the evening and able to come and doss on our sofas. It's quite lucky they all get on. They are all male and I'm often told that male dogs are more likely to fight. That's never been my experience. In fact the only female dog I've ever had, and that was as a child, was the most feisty thing you wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of.

Kitchen progress is at a stand still while M has a very busy week clocking up hundreds of miles and waiting for lots of court cases to start. Meanwhile E fabulously remembered that I promised her a bedroom makeover way back before Christmas some time. I knew the day would come but I'm not looking forward to yet more upheaval.

Gone will be the lime green feature wall and the floral curtains and the pink quilt. In will come the black curtains, the brick wallpaper and the black rug. I've persuaded her to put all her rock band posters into two A1 frames and hang those rather than have the blu tac damage all over again. I'll be glad to see the back of the posters on the ceiling too. I can't complain about her having a black phase though, I had one myself.

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  1. Gorgeous dogs, having so much fun ! Yes, one is enough for us too !
    Kate x