Saturday, 8 February 2014

Beanie production line...

The wind has been howling here all day. I would have liked to have accompanied M on a dog walk this morning but when I tried to ask and no voice came out he just looked at me and said, 'I think not'. On the plus side I got to stay in bed with a large mug of tea and my crochet.

I've been gathering colours and ideas for beanies but I haven't been very adventurous yet. My second slouchy beanie is in safe denim blue and charcoal grey. Ella has claimed the first beanie by suggesting it looks best on her. She's probably right. M has declared me a one person beanie factory. I've made two of something, that just be rare.

Neither of my hat models are around now that I've finished the second one. I've tried it on myself and I think I can just about get away with it, but believe me, a photo of me at the moment, after a week of blowing my nose, well it just ain't pretty. So...

Harvey just happens to be one of those very understanding dogs. Quite a nice shade of blue for him don't you think?

Actually we had a slight drama here earlier on. J heard a plank of wood fall in the kitchen. I went through and picked it up and didn't see anything else amiss. About a minute later J came running through to me saying there was blood all over the kitchen floor, and boy was he right. It looked like something had been massacred in there. Ahem, sorry for the graphic description. It seems that the wood must have nipped his tail. It took us ages to find out where the blood was coming from. We checked the paws first and then mouth. He had a very small, one centimetre cut at the end of his tail and it bled like crazy. We applied pressure and bandaged it up. He seems fine and not at all bothered by the bandage. Lapping up the extra love and attention. It's a bit of a mystery how the wood did that kind of wound, there were no sharp bits or nails. The wood is now banished to the shed.

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