Friday, 7 February 2014

Off the hook...slouchy beanie

Do you think I'm a bad mother for asking my boy to pose for a blog pic from his sick bed? Well to be fair he was well enough to suggest I take it in front of his Periodic Table poster 'so I look intelligent'.

J and I are on our fifth day of this big bad cold. He's feeling a smidgen better today and I feel a smidgen worse. I've developed a strong craving for marshmallows which is pretty strange, but one that will be satisfied shortly, when M goes on his tissue and flu capsule buying mission. I'm a great believer in listening to your body so marshmallows it is.

Meanwhile I finished up this slouchy beanie for no-one in particular (an experiment for a craft stall item) and I'm counting it a success because E and J both like it.

I made this one in aran weight yarn from supplies I already had. The beauty of working hats up without a pattern is being able to use up any weight yarn as long as you guage the drape well (slouchy beanies need a little drape!).

Note to slouchy beanie crocheters everywhere; you have the right level of slouchyness when your teenage children say you do. OK? In other words crochet from the crown, in the round until you have a head sized width and then crochet rounds without shaping. Try it on every few rounds until they give you the nod.


  1. Thanks K and T, I did take the mickey when I first started seeing slouchy beanies but of course the kids like them now, so if you can't beat em, join em. Still wouldn't wear one myself though!