Wednesday, 26 February 2014


I'm rather hoping that I will come to my senses before September and leave craft stalls well alone. In the meantime my thoughts have turned to other child/teenage type things. Remember that my brief is not to crochet anything for sale that would embarrass E. Tall order. I can now crochet beanies with my eyes closed so I needed to move on...

Well crochet frisbees of course! I raided my cottons box for this, held two strands together and used a hook that would produce a tight fabric. I think it was 5mm and I do wish I'd written that down when I started, subsequent frisbees have not been consistent with this first one.

This is the front view. I don't think the hole makes much difference to the flying abilities. I've made two more without the hole since this one and they also fly really well. In fact, it has to be said, there were funny looks and 'yeah rights' when I happened to mention that I was crocheting a frisbee. Two hours later and all four of us were flinging the thing to one another, all with amazed expressions on our faces. OK I admit that I didn't think it would fly either.

The few extra rounds that create the fold over bit at the back give it a nice edge to catch and a bit of extra weight. I'd call them indoor frisbees but I think they'd fly just as well outside. Catching is a lot easier of course. No hurt fingers or bruised chins.

The yellow/grey version is not made with cotton. I used up some left over aran weight wool for this, held double, and with a 6mm hook. It flys just as well. Likewise the slightly smaller size doesn't seem to make any difference either. I've since tried to find a pattern to direct you to, should you get the urge to crochet a frisbee (btw the dogs absolutely love them, Harvey is an expert frisbee catcher and Riley just wants to chew them up), but I haven't really found a pattern that looks much like these. Lion Brand has a very elaborate one. I just produced a circle until it was roughly the right size then stopped the increasing and started decreasing. 

Jake has declared them officially 'cool'.