Thursday, 13 February 2014

For the man who has everything...

It's a little late for Movember but hey ho, that's me, living life completely out of sync. I've just made this for Valentines Day. A crochet beard of course, every man should have one.

M and I don't do the traditional flowers and chocolates on Valentines Day at my request. I had the nerve to mention this on our very first wedding anniversary (love chocolate but don't like cut flowers because I'd rather leave them growing naturally) and so ever since we've been making small handcrafted items to exchange. It's much more fun and meaningful. Mine have been mostly of the wool kind and M's have been mostly of the wood kind. They don't have to be very elaborate or take months to make. Fun is the key thing.

Ella is totally freaked out with these beards and says they give her the creeps. I think they are hilarious, especially the ones on babies!

Jake is modelling the charcoal grey beard and he's now convinced that beards suit him! (I need to make him a blonde one). I've also done a ginger beard and I'm planning a black one too. One for every occasion why not?

It's a very easy pattern which uses bobble stitch (link below) but it's best to have some kind of ear to ear measurement for the recipient to get a good fit. It needs to be fairly taut to work.


  1. That's really cute! My son would like it too. He would probably need a ginger one because my husband has a real ginger one. :)