Monday, 10 March 2014

Feeling old...

If there was ever a time to feel old, it's when your eldest goes to a concert and sends you an image like this from her phone with the accompanying words, 'this is the best'. Meaning, she's having a good time.

I'm almost reluctant to share here my dodgy history with live music, let's just say concerts were not high on my list of priorities when I was sixteen. Hence the last concert I went to was The Commodores with the folks when I was thirteen perhaps. I'm not sure I really hear the same as other people but it was certainly as loud as a jumbo jet taking off, which is the level it needs to be to come into my range. I thought it was pretty cool when one of them climbed onto a huge amp and jumped off it but that bit of info only produced a smirk from E when I told her. All Time Low are described as a pop punk group, though E disputes the pop part of that. She prefers to call all her favourite bands, rock groups and now she has seen every one of them in concert, lucky her. I just hope her hearing remains intact.

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