Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Red Arrows...

It's quite exciting having my own private air show on my afternoon dog walks. The Red Arrows are based a few miles away from us and usually practice twice a day. There are times when they are so incredibly low you feel you could wave to the pilots. Today they were using red smoke as well as white. They did all sorts of formations but this was the one I managed to get my iPod out in time for, shame about the power cables.

It was t shirt weather here today. The dogs were over excited. They usually give the stagnant ditches a miss but today they decided to investigate the green slime. I had to give them a prolonged period of time in the clean stream (see below). They still pong. They may even have to be bathed tonight.


  1. oh I love the red arrows. we have the air ambulance helicopter on training and two fighter jets that zoom over the house sometimes.
    stinky dogs. no thankyou.

  2. How cool is that ?
    Lovely happy dog photo.
    Kate x