Friday, 21 March 2014

Peaceful Friday...

Funnily enough this hexagon blanket project is my fall back plan for when I don't really feel like crochet. Doesn't make much sense that does it? Today is one of those days. At 100 hexagons I reckon I'm about half way.

It seems to be all go here at the moment. Winter cricket training is gradually merging into the start of the cricket season and this year looks set to be pretty complicated. Two children playing for their county teams, who are also playing for local clubs and this year J has been invited to play men's cricket at a different club, and E has also been invited to play for a ladies team. There are bound to be clashes of course and I probably need something like a spreadsheet to work it all out. County matches will take priority and we'll take it from there.

We will of course need to buy a whole load more equipment for outdoor cricket. J has gone up a shoe size and a half, so that's new spikes on the list. He's grown a few inches too so his pads don't fit anymore, nor his trousers. His training shirt is barely covering his belly button which means his match shirt will probably be the same. April could be an expensive month.

Meanwhile, I am trying to lengthen my dog walking distance every day in the hope that I will be fairly fit for the cricket season myself. I finally plucked up the courage last year to play a couple of matches and didn't make a prat of myself so this year I'm playing the whole season.

The dogs are benefitting enormously...I wear them out and they spend the afternoon snoring away!


  1. Loving the colours of your hexagons.
    It sounds like you're all going to be so busy - its a shame you can't crochet some cricket whites, could save you a fortune !
    Have a good weekend,
    Kate x

  2. get walking girl, I expect to hear about all the runs you've scored all summer!