Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sunny day!

Wow! It was baking today! I threw open our sunlounge doors, dragged the two seater basket sofa outside, grabbed my book, crochet and tea... and had a pleasant, quiet morning while J was playing football, M watching and E winging her way back from London.

It was a rare opportunity to truly switch off and let Harvey and Riley be my ears. Riley hasn't been with us long enough to be used to sitting outside and he was rather twitchy, pricking his ears up at the slightest thing, well I assume so. Harvey was altogether more chilled, only letting me know when our neighbour had a visitor.

It probably won't last but I made the most of the sunshine and fresh air today. There were a hundred and one gardening jobs I could have done instead but as E would say 'YOLO'. When it got a bit too hot to sit in the sun (imagine saying this in March!) I came inside and did a bit of spring cleaning, moved a bit of furniture around, hoovered etc. Meanwhile Riley had clearly got used to the whole outside lounging about...

Hope you all had a pleasant sunny day, wherever you are. J :-)


  1. 'Twas truly wonderful - and yes YOLO! Jane x

  2. crickey. we had sun but it wasn't warm enough to sit out. and certainly not hot... glad you had a lovely day though. x