Saturday, 15 March 2014

Free from cupcakes...

Gluten, dairy and sugar free cupcakes. If only the edible version existed! The somewhat unusual desire to finish off rather than start anew is still with me. I found these little fellows in one of my many wooden bowls just waiting for eyes, which obviously needed to fixed in place before stuffing and sewing up. The eyes are a long story, something to do with buying a bumper pack of fifty by mail order and misplacing them and having to locate them in our useless selection of craft shops (oh for a Hobbycraft nearby!). These eyes are not the ones I had in mind but they are close. I think they all need a cheerful red cherry on top don't you?

I must admit I don't usually enjoy making slightly pointless objects so I told myself these would be for a certain little boy as play food when he's a little bit older (he's not quite one yet). E and J loved the whole play food thing when they were small but that was well before I learnt how to crochet. I've seen whole cooked breakfasts in crochet so I could build up quite a selection. I definitely want to make Oreo's and Jammy Dodgers.

Other news involves fox poo. Oh boy. I'm at the end of my tether with Riley and fox poo. Every darn stinking day this week. We have this rule that they stay in the hard floor areas of the house by day and come into the living room in the evenings. It cuts down on dog hair (but probably not much). M thinks it's something close to barbaric not to let them through in the evening regardless of how dirty they are, which leaves me having a shower with the hound every day this week. I wouldn't mind if it was mud but warm water seems to intensify the aroma of fox poo somewhat and I can tell you, it's choking! Today we did our usual four mile route and he did manage to find every single fox poo on route so I had to give them a good run about in the deepest stream I could find. It worked a treat. M let them out again soon after this stream dunking and the little rascal came back coved from head to toe in... Guess what? Yep fox poo. Thankfully Harvey doesn't see the attraction or has worked out that it's linked to baths and showers. Riley takes no notice of tellings off and we clearly have a huge fox population in the fields round here so I can't see this problem going away. Maybe tile the living room and make plastic covers for the sofas?

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  1. Ew, fox poo! They'll get into anything, won't they? The cupcakes are adorable, very Kawaii.