Monday, 17 March 2014

Happy days!

This is Riley, curled up near Mollie after his long walk this morning, and guess what? His neck and back were as fluffy and soft as they were after his shower (with left over Ted Baker shower gel no less). Just when I thought there was no hope of walks without fox poo, and that my daily shower would always be with the dog. There's always tomorrow I guess!

Thanks to Thistlebear for our little chat yesterday about the crocheted cupcakes. I also learnt a new word; Kawaii. Where have I been? Such a useful word, especially in relation to amigurami. I also realised that I didn't post the pattern source; they are from this book...

I like the way the author has started off with the most simple designs and they get progressively more advanced. The cupcakes were near the beginning. You'll notice that I chose to do a simpler face as per some of the designs on the Internet. My felt pieces are temporarily out of reach (in a cupboard with a large pile of reclaimed timber in front of it). The book design is quite cute so I will probably get round to trying those out too... just as soon as the wood is turned into beautiful kitchen cupboards!

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  1. Fox and badger poo are the pits aren't they !"! Apparently rubbing tomato ketchup gets rid of the smell !
    Kate x