Saturday, 12 April 2014

Crochet floor cushions...

This is a tale of two parts.

Part one: After a recent sort out I had two very large feather cushions hanging around. They are huge floor cushion sort of size. They were once used by E and J to sit up in bed against since they had beds without headboards. For different reasons they are now surplus to requirements. They can't be stored anywhere so they were destined for the charity pile.

Part two: Long ago, when I was just a knitter but had ambitions to be a crocheter too I used to pick up random crochet blankets for a song in charity shops. I had the daft idea that the dogs, and maybe the cat would look cute fast asleep on a crochet blanket. In reality I couldn't quite bring myself to destroy them in this way, and believe me they would have only lasted a week or so before becoming too bogged down with mud to even put in the washing machine. So the blankets got used for long journeys, caravanning etc but they were a bit on the small side to be cosy. So they ended up drifting towards the charity pile along with the cushions.

Then one day, trudging across muddy fields with the dogs and randomly thinking of crochet (as you do) I thought... BINGO! Big cushion covers! They turned out to be a perfect fit. I gathered the four corners first and secured them with wool. I then whip stitched down the four seams. Done. They took about ten minutes each. They happen to make the most comfy back rest for sitting long ways on the sofa with my feet up (on one of my recycled wool blanket cushions). Bliss.

Here's the other one, front and back shots. Disgusting colour scheme but very comfy cushion. I can see E using these as extra seating when she has a group of friends over.

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  1. What a fantastic idea. They look really nice. I used to buy crocheted blankets in thrift stores too. I didn't know much crochet myself yet and I liked thinking that someone had made them for me. Haha, what a sad thing to look back on. Now I can make them for myself. :)