Saturday, 12 April 2014

My kind of weekend...

I just love the way my hounds behave when we go for a walk. Riley barks at Harvey in excitement. Harvey tears off at 100mph. Riley stays much closer to me, trotting, sniffing, rolling. They both just have to investigate any trickle of stream or boggy ditch. They come close when they can hear traffic on a nearby road. They are a bit like having small children but dirtier. They really do make me smile.

I may miss my home county but when the sky is blue and the fields are full of colour it's not a bad second place. Even better is the fact that we don't meet a soul on this walk. I love that.

Today J and a friend are off to watch a football match. M has taken E to watch her boyfriend play cricket. I'm guessing he might not be as keen to come and watch her matches but we shall see. These arrangements leave me home alone which suits me fine. I've buzzed round doing housework at the speed of lightning. I've walked the dogs across the fields. I've taken them for their daily dip, just a paddle but it gets most of the mud off. Harvey is wrapped up in a fleece blanket. Riley is considerably tougher and doesn't shiver.

That leaves the whole afternoon completely free to chill out. I've nearly finished my latest book; The Brave by Nicholas Evans, it's about a boy obsessed with Westerns who eventually goes to live in America and has real life experience of the film making industry. Actually I think I'd be enjoying it more if  it was written from his Mother's point of view. The trouble with some male authors is their use of 'bloke' terminology. As an author does he really need to equate a non sexual pleasing event with a sexual reference? Not really. Not that I'm a prude, I just find that sort of thing ridiculous. Apart from that it's a good book.

When I start reading a lot the crochet seems to fall by the way side. I'm forcing myself to pick up the pebble beach hexagons every now and then and that seems to be my limit at the moment. I'm just not in the mood for anything too challenging. Goes like that sometimes I guess.

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