Saturday, 5 April 2014

Modern Rustic...

Another school holiday has crept up on me. I could have sworn I had another week of peace and quiet. Oh well. There was only one thing for it... stock up on inspirational reading matter. I just love this latest offering from Country Living. Modern Rustic. I think I've always been a fan but never realised it had a name. 

It's a thick publication and costs a little over twice what the magazine costs but it's jam packed with photographs to inspire. M has already spotted a rustic chandelier (of all things) that looks like it's made out of old chair legs. Perfect project for our mountain of odd chairs in his workshop.

Plenty of kitchen ideas. Not that we need ideas (no, we need action!). On the spur of the moment last week I got a bit fed up with having four cupboard doors cluttering up the place and decided to fit them myself. How complicated can it be I thought...a little as it turns out. I was pretty chuffed when I worked out how to use M's complicated looking drill. So much quicker after that, though Riley was not very impressed with the noise.

Bit of a dark photo because it's rather overcast today but you can just about see the almost finished cupboard. The handles were salvaged from our old kitchen, the hinges were a bulk buy on the internet (very cheap). The wood was completely free except for the worktop timbers which are hundred year old roofing timbers from an old theatre. It all needs more sanding down and several coats of wax, but in the meantime it feels rather civilised. Doors that open and close! What a novelty!


  1. I'm so impressed - gorgeous, you clever thing !
    Kate x

  2. oh it's looking like a real kitchen!