Tuesday, 22 April 2014


I want to thank whoever dreamt up toasted marshmallows.

Red sky at night...shepherd's hut's on fire.

Walking is therapeutic, it's official. Walking with your family is even better.

Boys are profound, they just don't always demonstrate it in words.

We trespassed this weekend and were charmed by this private lake. Jake especially.

Gluten and dairy free champagne truffles are AMAZING.

The day the children go back to school and the husband has an extra day off work the heavens open.

I'm on my third cold this year. How is that fair?

It's no wonder our garden is always neglected. We have far too much fun elsewhere.

We could have joined the coast bound traffic yesterday but had a better time playing cricket in the village... and frisbee... and foxtail... and the dogs were fantastic fielders.


  1. Lovely post - 10 random things !
    Have a good week
    Kate x

  2. truffles. truffles. I didn't get any truffles.................

    the heavens have just opened here, glad I got my walk in first.