Monday, 7 April 2014


It's a soggy day here in Lincolnshire. The dogs and I have been for a very muddy walk across the fields, followed by a quick dip in the stream. The dogs are literally steaming next to the radiator in the kitchen and the aroma is less than fragrant.

With everyone else out of the house I decided to bite the bullet and pull open the doors to my fabric cupboard. It isn't as plentiful as my wool stash but it's probably got everything I need to try a little patchwork.

I pulled out a few blues, plenty of denim and some linen coloured remnants. I must admit that the sight of material that Nan passed on to me is always emotional. I've Nan to thank for the florals in this selection which will contrast nicely with the denim and stripes.

So... I looked at this pile for a little while and then I realised that I really need to ease myself gently into this 'new to me' craft. I dont want to use the good stuff until I know what I'm doing. I dug a bit further into this narrow but deep cupboard and located the box containing the Klutz book; Quilting. Klutz is how I learnt to knit and also provided the simple projects when I was learning to crochet.

As you can see in the top picture this book comes with lots of bits and pieces; fabric for three projects or more if you choose the smaller items. Cotton, pins, thimble, scoring tool, needles, templates, binding and wadding.

As well as some half finished patchwork panels I also found these leftover or sample hexagons cut out and paper pieced by Nan. I've put a thimble in this picture to show how small they are. Tiny! I definitely will not have the patience or the skill to sew pieces that small. I will, however, try to incorporate them all into a small panel for a pincushion or hotpad or something.

Just look at these 'cathedral window' panels Nan made. Wow. Looks extremely complicated and fiddly. The square one I can make into a small cushion.

I'm starting at the very beginning using squares and hand sewing them into strips and so on. I'm loving this scoring tool (more familiar to me through use with paper) it flattens the seams which means I don't have to get the iron out. Genius.

The colours are a bit bright for my taste and whatever I make this square panel into it will need to be hidden in a drawer when not in use but it will be a good introduction to the parts I'm most unsure of, namely wadding, quilting and edging.


  1. Good luck ! It sounds like you've made an excellent start !
    Kate x

  2. It looks very nice so far. I really enjoy patchwork, there are endless possibilities.

  3. oh those presser tools are good. I broke mine..... can't beat a good press with an iron though.....