Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Between matches...

I temporarily lost my addiction to crochet. I blame the weather. I can begin to understand why bloggers in much hotter parts of the world complain about the problem of woolly crafts and heat. It is unusual for me to leave the house without a small crochet project.

Last week I watched seven cricket matches, not even one per day as two of the days had two matches. Not surprising that Jake is a little tired at the moment. He played last night and is due to play again tonight. I'm sure he will be dreaming cricket themed dreams too, like last year when I woke him one morning (for a match) and he blurted out, 'you should have caught that!'

It seems I barely have time to pack up the next picnic let alone think about taking along a basket of wool too. It's been easier to take a book along to read while they do their warm ups, have their cricket tea at half time and for County matches they have a warm down too. I like a bit of variety though and today I am getting stuck into a WIP which has been kicking around since I bought Erika Knight's Crochet Workshop last year. I started the long wrist warmers and even photocopied the pattern so I could take it on the road but I got to the fiddly section which required a smaller hook and suddenly the wool stopped cooperating. It's taken me a year to figure out/ accept that I can't continue with this pattern and this yarn so the compromise will be to stop and turn them into short wrist warmers. Simple eh? I must have had my heart set on long ones or I'd have figured this out sooner.

It's a lovely pattern and this basic wool mix yarn lies lovely and flat whilst showing off the detail. I should have the second one finished in no time and once sewn up I might be encouraged to make a few more pairs for Christmas presents. (The cowls went down very well last year). No time like a 30 degree heat wave to be making woolly wrist warmers eh?!

...and you see that rather smart Orla Keely notebook there? A perfectly chosen birthday present last year from Ella. I have finally started jotting down notes, hook sizes, yarn and pattern sources for things I might like to make more than one of. Gosh I'm so organised these days it scares me. OK, not the shed (full of junk) nor my workshop (more junk) nor the kitchen cupboards, or the household paperwork (oh heck) but crochet, knitting and wool cupboard, immaculate. Priorities, priorities.


  1. organazing your wool stash is like me ironing tiny scraps of fabric, just so I can store them prettily, and ignoring the huge pile of laundry on the sofa that I should really be ironing.......

    1. Well well they don't call us crafty for no reason! When our ironing board broke and was consigned to the scrap heap I didn't replace it. I fear the iron itself will go the same way.