Saturday, 6 July 2013

Deja vu...

My life is on permanent déjà vu at the moment. Precisely three years ago there was a whole sequence of creative school projects that needed my 'assistance'. So today, in glorious sunshine what am I doing? Building a Motte and Bailey Castle of course!

Three years ago I helped Ella build a Square Stone Keep castle that just happened to win out of 250 year 7 pupils. It was fun but I did feel a bit guilty about helping, now I feel obliged to help J make an equally good model.

He is elsewhere cricket related today so I am just laying the foundations and undertaking the papier mache in order for it to be dry enough to paint and add fences and buildings and drawbridges etc. Typically for this boy he has had the brief in his school bag for three weeks, magically producing it the days before it has to be handed in. Mum to the rescue eh?

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