Wednesday, 24 July 2013

First day of the summer holidays...


It's the perfect temperature today after the electrical storms of yesterday. Not brilliant washing drying weather though; far too muggy and humid. Quite pleasant for the first day of the summer holidays though.

The children both had lie ins. Jake until 8am and then the urge to play games online with his friend became too much. He's currently shooting foam darts at the same friend in the open air. So no need for me to hatch elaborate plans to get him off the Playstation this summer. This new friend likes scooting too. I love this guy!

Ella slept in leaving just enough time to get ready to catch the bus into town to meet her boyfriend. We've reached the noisy music stage apparently. It doesn't bother me but M sent E a message last night, using iPad messenger, to tell her to turn it down. Believe me this house is not so big you need to message people!

I was up early cleaning the house, having neglected it in favour of watching cricket matches. We had one last night (which was almost called off when it went incredibly dark at about 7pm but luckily cleared) and we have one this evening. I've done all the bits that show and now I have a golden hour to myself before M returns from this morning's assignment and picking up his sister on the way home.

My concentration span in this heat with so much going on is at an all time low. I've started a small cotton project from the latest Simply Crochet. The basket of organic cotton has been lying around for a while looking artistic but I thought it was time to make it into something useful. I've used a dusky sage colour and I'm tackling the jam jar nightlight holder. I say 'tackling' because I've already managed to add five stitches somewhere and had to change my sweet little jam jar for a whopping fat one.

It won't look so baggy when it's hanging! In between crochet and drinking lots of Redbush tea I am winding balls of brightly coloured wool for my sister in law who is an expert on knitting garter stitch blankets.

The dog is incredibly happy. Just look at that expression on his face, 'aw shucks thanks mum!' Along with that rustic wooden bowl (see above) I picked up a new blanket for his basket yesterday in a quick visit to a few charity shops. I should have saved it for the new clean version of Harvey which will take place tomorrow after his visit to the dog groomer, but there was an urgent need to get rid of the stinky blanket to make our hall smell fresher. His new one has been washed and sprayed with lavender scented fabric spray. He's a sucker for a fresh blanket.


  1. Oooh I love the look of your nightlight holder - must search out the pattern for that one x Jane

    1. It's in the latest Simply Crochet. Once you've done one I'm sure you could do variations on a theme. J x

  2. clean blanket and clean pooch, you have been doing housework after all!

    1. Honestly? The dog blanket counts as housework? Oh well then, I've done my quota for this week! J x