Friday, 26 July 2013


It was a lovely balmy evening last night and while the men were totally absorbed in the cricket I snuck outside and lit the chiminea. It was all ready to go with wood offcuts and the odd cardboard packet. I pushed a small firefighter in the middle, built a pyramid with a few small logs and whoosh, it lit up as easily as switching an electric fire on. I soon had company...

...and M soon noticed I was gone and asked me if everything was alright. Crikey, I've just lit a fire, not run down the street naked! With no open fire in the house this is the next best thing, and when the light got too dim for reading I sat and watched the flames flickering.

Mollie decided it was a good spot too. In fact she stayed until her fur was very warm to the touch and then scampered off to do some late night hunting. Harvey thought that was a good moment to jump up and have his turn. Springers are not really lap dogs.

...and just when you're wondering if your husband will ever grow up* he brings you a nice cup of tea and all is forgiven.

*getting told off in WHSmiths for firing a Nerf gun at Jake was not one of his finer moments!

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  1. husbands never grow up. it is a sad fact of life....