Monday, 8 July 2013

Busy week...

Well that was fun and now back to the grown up stuff. Washing cricket kit mainly! Six matches between them this week. Two of them were today. My flask and I will be joined at the hip this week.

Before the first match today M and I popped over to Louth to pick up a special training bat. I never mind having to drive through the countryside to the cricket shop because its the nearest thing we have to proper rolling hills in this county. Reminds me of home. Not only that but Louth has a generous sprinkling of vintage and charity shops.

I managed to acquire two new pottery mugs for my collection and unusually for me I bought a skirt (I'll do a post with pics soon). I also picked up a couple of paperbacks; I want a good supply for the two cricket weeks we have coming up in August. The children board for their respective weeks and M and I stay in the caravan. We watch their matches by day and chill out each evening. It's the best we can do for an annual holiday.

My last read (The story of Edgar Sawtelle) was quite a pleasant read in its various parts, but didn't work as a sum of its total parts, if that makes any sense? I checked out some reviews after I'd read it and it seems I am not alone in this conclusion.

My thinking cap is on for a small portable crochet project to take along to matches. The blanket is big and heavy now and the balls of wool are 400g so not ideal when we already have so much stuff to cart about.


  1. I am reading "the last days of dogtown" I am not sure about it yet....
    portable crochet? mmmm perhaps you should do some mices?

    1. I've just looked that up and it looks pretty good. Let me know what your verdict is when you've read it! Mice! That's a very good idea. Productive and little and I almost know the pattern off by heart!