Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Bonding and beer drinking...

I've been reliably informed that it wasn't quite as hot elsewhere in the country on Sunday. (Yes I know these posts are a bit out of sync). We were lucky to be watching a cricket match in glorious warmth, albeit breezy, then. In fact I even put up a golf umbrella at one stage to keep the sun off. We already look like we have been holidaying in the Bahamas for a month. I hardly recognise myself in the mirror.

You know your children are bonding when they each enjoy watching the other's cricket matches. J is to forego football training tonight to watch Ella play cricket, and the above photo from Sunday shows just how close they are these days. That is not a double sun bed by the way, it's a nifty device for throwing cricket balls at so that they come out at difficult angles for catching practice. The only downside is that it is a bit noisy. Too noisy to use whilst a match is taking place.

They were talking tactics apparently. Who would have imagined?

It's a shame this particular day out was ruined by a large bunch of teenagers who thought nothing of playing football a few yards from us, repeatedly kicking the ball on the pitch, making a lot of noise, kicking bottles and beer cans all over the place (which my Mother started to clear up and suggested they join in, they didn't, surprise surprise), they hit both cars with the ball which made M rather mad and he said he didn't care how many of them there were they'd picked the wrong man to have an argument with (ooooh! I was chuckling about that for ages afterwards, him and whose army?). Funnily enough it was none of those things that really ruined it for me, but rather the invasion of our space. They were very close to us indeed. I've always been brought up to choose tables in cafes wisely, based on not crowding people if you can possibly help it. To picnic well away from others, and even to choose a path out of a cafe or restaurant that gives diners a wide berth wherever possible. When queuing I tend to give space to people and expect space in return. These kids obviously hadn't been brought up the same way. We've been to several matches at this ground in Bourne and had this type of problem on every occasion. Next time we will probably sit nearer the clubhouse where they daren't cause trouble. It's a shame, I like cricket precisely because it is usually free from the hooliganism that goes with football and beer drinking. The frustrating thing was that they refused to move to the football field that was right next to the cricket pitch and not being used. It's definitely an issue that Bourne Cricket Club need to be addressing.

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