Monday, 1 July 2013

Jumps and bumps...

We went to see England versus Pakistan Women's International Cricket at Louth today. The ball was delivered by The Falcons. I'm not usually impressed with air shows and this sort of thing but it was hard not to be impressed on such a windy day. They let several balloons go to track the wind, and one minute we were talking to one of the team and the next he was jumping out of a plane above our heads. Not only that but they were wired for sound too, which I am sure would have been even more impressive if I could have heard it. M said the team leader was giving directions. It was pretty windy today so I was glad when they all touched down safely. E and J thought it would be a cool way to start their county matches!

The England Women's Cricket Team were pretty good too! We were watching Dani Hazell and Lydia Greenway particularly because E had the lucky opportunity to have an hour's coaching with them both last month and they were really nice and approachable (we had a little chat too).

After the sunshine of yesterday (we caught the sun at one of J's county matches) I was optimistically dressed for another warm day. Winter woollies would have been more appropriate. I ended up wearing every left behind jumper from the boot of the car that I could find. Sadly no socks though so my feet ended up like blocks of ice.

E had to take part in a 'quick cricket' demonstration at half time along with all the county girls. The rest of the time they were supposed to be 'ball girls' but cricket really isn't like tennis so this part was quite pointless but E did enjoy one of the best views of the game.

We noticed that an ambulance as well as a St Johns Ambulance crew were in attendance. I don't know how many people they attended to today but E was their first customer! We had to arrive several hours before the match started and during a knockabout with a proper leather ball it bounced off someone's foot and straight into E's eye. Once we'd filled in a large sheet of details she was given an ice pack to reduce the swelling, which by now had closed her eye up almost completely. By the second ice pack she was feeling chirpier and starting to laugh about it. I think it might be a bit purple tomorrow but luckily it hasn't put her off the game at all.

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