Friday, 4 July 2014

A crochet sun hat...

What no cricket? Quick, grab a basket of yarn and a hook, and don't forget the tea!

Italy seems an agonisingly long way off. Hell, I've got my backpack and I'm ready to go! Hang on, wait a minute, what about a sun hat? I have a lovely finely woven sun hat made in Ecuador but it's straw and can't be rolled up and shoved in a bag whilst eating (risotto for instance). It's also quite light and liable to blow away in the slightest breeze.

Cue the bargain cotton mix denim yarn I picked up in Oxfam at the end of April. It's Sirdar Calico (DK) and the hat used 91g which means the hat cost less than £1. I used it doubled up for speed more than anything. I constructed the main body of the hat in much the same way as I did the beanies I made earlier this year (pattern link in my sidebar). When the hat was a comfortable fit and came down far enough I started the brim. At this point I confess to using a combination of crochet hat brims found on the internet. It needs some more experimentation. I have plenty of cotton to try another one. They only take a couple of hours to make. In the meantime this hat was well and truly tested by sitting outside in the afternoon sun and it works beautifully!

Jake thought the hat was funny. He refused to model it for me, for my blog. I told him I was going to make him one next, in lime green with a pink band. He didn't believe me. (I'm secretly crocheting a cricket ball for the beach!)


  1. Great hat!! Especially for £1!!! Hope that you love wearing it. xx

  2. quite brilliant! I need a scrunch up in your bag hat. never occurred to me to make one!

  3. Ha ha, a crochet'd cricket ball - wonderful! I've made several hundred cricket balls out of icing for cakes but never a crochet one!
    I noticed from your book list that you're reading The Slap - what do you think of it? I enjoyed it but it seemed to divide opinion quite a lot.