Sunday, 20 July 2014

Random tales from Sussex...

The woolly acquisitions (yesterday's post) was clearly only half of the story. A big pile of books and a Rye Pottery mug also came home with me after doing the rounds of charity shops. The mug is a very large one and is going to be my new favourite. It's screams 70s to me but I haven't looked up the design yet. It goes very well with a Rye Pottery vase I bought up here in Lincolnshire.

I've started The Missing One (yes I am very behind on updating the reading list in my sidebar). When I chose it I didn't realise that the female character in it lived in Oxford but grew up in Sussex. I've also lived in both, but there the similarities end. It was the book I took down to the beach when I had a couple of opportunities to sit on the pebbles and read. I'm now back in the thick of it; families and the s*** that goes with them sometimes, and wishing I was back on that beach!

The Italian phrase book is a very good one, it has lots of advice in it as well as the lingo. I need to do some bedtime reading and swot up. M is using an app to listen and repeat key phrases but I need to see it in black and white.

Home Made Simple seemed like my kind of book. On closer inspection some of the projects are a bit obvious but if I use just two or three ideas from the book it will have been worth the £1.50 I paid.

Now I bet you're wondering what the picture with the cream tea is all about. I think the cream tea tradition is bigger in Devon but it is certainly popular in Sussex too. I had to take that photograph very quickly before the scones were scoffed! This was at a lovely garden centre near Catfield called Great Park Farm. All the teapots had different knitted or crocheted cosies. My kind of place!


  1. Love the tea cosy, and well done for remembering to take a picture of the cream tea before it disappeared , I can just never quite remember to do that !
    Have a great week,
    Kate x

  2. I never manage a photo of a cream tea, it is one of my favourite things and I'd eat it too quickly to photograph! I could do with being on a beach right now!