Friday, 11 July 2014

Crochet trainer socks...

I made some crochet trainer socks! I'm not a big fan of socks. In the summer I live in flip flops and in the winter I prefer slippers without socks. In the evenings in summertime however, my feet get cold. If I have to wear socks I prefer the trainer sock type so I thought I'd crochet some. Before long most of my posessions will be crocheted!

(And yes that is the pre holiday tan that comes from watching 50 odd cricket matches and counting...)

So, I had a lovely session combing through my back copies of crochet magazines, probably a good half an hour browsing the internet for a pattern which used the weight of wool I had on stand by. No luck. So I did much the same as I did for a pair of mittens I made yonks ago and made it up as I went along. I even got flashy and made a little loop for the back of the heel. Woohoo! Not that I will be hanging these up very often but I just fancied a loop ok?

I even remembered to write down roughly what I was doing so that the second one would come out approximately the same. It did, I was surprised!

Of course, you could embellish these in a hundred different ways but since that is rather overwhelming and I like plain and simple things I stuck to plain old oatmeal.

They are packed in my little suitcase, I am off to Sussex for a little while, leaving dogs, children, husband and cat to their own devices. That will mean coming home to mud throughout the whole house!


  1. They are really cute. I don't like wearing socks much either but those look light enough to be comfy to me. Have a wonderful trip!

  2. They are lovely! Such a great idea and how clever of you to make them up yourself. Hope that you enjoy your time away. xx

  3. They look great! You had your mind in creative mode. What yarn did you use and will you be sharing the pattern?

  4. (I am writing up the pattern) J x