Friday, 25 July 2014

Have crochet water bottle carrier will travel...

I was supposed to be at cricket training myself this evening but the trouble is... time to myself is too good to resist. M is suffering from permanent pmt (he says it's coffee). The children are experts at making that worse than it needs to be. I'm trying to muster up enthusiasm to go on a road trip with the three of them and I'm failing. Let's hope it all fades to a distant memory when we get going.

So, this beautiful summer's evening was spent, quietly with my dogs on the deck with the evening sun still very warm. A leftover amount of navy blue cotton was turned into a bottle carrier, with a little help from the Kindle version of Crochet One Skein Wonders. I modified it a little. Lengthened and narrowed the strap and did a couple of rows of hdc instead of trebles at the top. I thought it would be a bit stretchy and weak but you could swing a full bottle of water round your head (if you should ever want to!) and it wouldn't break, or stretch.

I told Ella I would be crocheting this water bottle carrier and to my surprise she said that it was a really good idea. Then came the 'but'! Her recommendation was not to wear the crochet bottle carrier at the same time as my crochet rucksack, whilst wearing my crochet sun hat and throwing my crochet frisbee. Huh? She spoils all my fun! What no crochet trainer socks and sandals either? Pah.

It did make me wonder whether this whole crochet hobby has got a little out of hand! Instead I told her that when I'm old I will do exactly that. Go the whole crochet hog. She said I wouldn't get any visits at my care home. Cheeky.


  1. they will affectionately name you the crazy crochet lady xxx

  2. How I wish I could crochet then I could join you in your crazy crochet club! It looks great, your bottle carrier perhaps you should try wearing all your other pieces and see if you are disowned!

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  4. I love it! What a great idea. It looks like it would be comfortable to wear.

  5. It's such a great idea! Would love to see a photo of you in the crochet ensemble.... maybe crochet cricket whites are the next big thing?