Saturday, 5 July 2014

Cricket and crochet...

OK, this wasn't my most successful spherical shaped crochet object. (Try saying that after a large Gin and Tonic!). However, it does vaguely resemble a cricket ball and J was delighted to have a suitable ball to go with his mini bat for indoor games. It's already been whacked around the sunlounge and miraculously kept it's shape.

It started off wet and windy here in Lincolnshire and with no word of today's match being cancelled the men set off for the venue. I've got a bit of a cold (yes again!) and with the weather looking dubious I decided to give it a miss.

I've been ransacking my wool cupboard (it's a rainy day and I have at least hoovered) and I've come across some works in progress that really shouldn't have been abandoned for so long. One, a summer vest top that turned out a bit too big, I've unravelled and I've found a new pattern for the quantity of aran weight cotton. The other, is being 'reinvented' (it's amazing how many crochet disasters can be transformed into useful bags!)


  1. The ball is cute, Juanita! I've always liked those. I have a really old one which belonged to my father-in-law many years ago. My kids play with it now.