Thursday, 3 July 2014

Prom night...

Ella doesn't read my blog thank goodness. She'd kill me if she knew I'd posted these, but I can be a proud Mum now and then can't I!? Sometime since the late eighties when I left school England seems to have adopted the American custom of Prom nights, and an expensive custom it is too. Thank you Nanna for creating this million dollar look!

I'm pretty glad we didn't have prom nights when I was at school, I'd never have agreed to wear a dress let alone have my hair and nails done, ugh and a handbag, or clutch bag, no thank you! At least my Mum has the pleasure of things like this with Ella because they completely passed me by. I was strictly a jeans and t shirt kind of person. Still am.

Once the dress had been carefully lifted over her head I was allowed back into her room and I must confess that I was suddenly hit with the sadness of her Dad not being alive to see this. She looks so much like him.

Lucky for E she has a Dad now that is slightly overprotective at times but would do anything for her. They come to blows fairly often but I'm putting that down to being a teenager and being a man who still struggles with the whole discipline thing (though he is improving!)


  1. She looks lovely. I hope she had a great time.

  2. Your daughter looks stunning, the dress absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to be buying a prom dress for my Little one, it's not quite so much fun with boys! Although my daughter refuses to wear anything but jeans right now I'm hoping it will change.