Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Italy here we come!

Finished! A very quick project using two strands of DK and a 5.5mm hook and trebles into spaces between trebles. The base was 66 stitches in a circle to start with. I found a large wooden toggle with conveniently large holes so I could sew it on with a large tapestry needle. The straps are just simple lengths of dc's attached in the right places at the back. I'm sure they will stretch a little but that's ok because Ella reliably informs me that it's nerdy to wear it too high up. Who knew?


  1. It looks lovely and the straps worked out really well!! I hadn't realise that the there were two shades in the green before, but I really like it!! Hope that you love your trip and using your bag! xx

  2. The bag came out so nice. Sorry not to have commented on the earlier progress but it looks great. Have a wonderful trip.

  3. looks great! did you line it yet?