Monday, 7 September 2015

Crochet and cricket...

Alas the cricket season isn't quite over yet. More matches have been viewed from the car. More wickets have been taken. More cricket teas consumed (they tease Jake for the amount he can put away and for being quick off the mark when there's fruit salad on offer!). More whites drenched in Vanish Gold. More sleeping boys on the way home. Oh and more crochet!

I bought this pattern in Oakham. It's by King Cole (no. 3052). I bought the yarn at the same time. It's also by King Cole and it's Baby DK, colour is 'Silver Twist'. It might look a bit flat in the photo but it has a twist of white running through the pale grey. It's soft, it has behaved even with a fiddly 3mm hook (just for the sleeves and neckband) but I may need to add a tiny pink something somewhere just to save confusion. It looks boxy at the moment but with cute short sleeves and once it's on, I think it might look ok.

Those little teddy buttons have come all the way from Italy! I bought them at a coastal market stall at the same time as buying leather flip flops! Definitely a random purchase but I knew they'd come in handy one day!

I'm all over the shop with baby sizing! All that talk of how small 5lb was and I somehow managed to crochet the yellow waistcoat far far too small. The rice pudding coloured waistcoat might fit better but I'm taking no chances with future makes. This little top is 3-6 months and I think it's a generous fit at that. I've got two short sleeves to finish out of that little ball; I have to say, it's looking unlikely that there will be enough yarn even though the pattern clearly says one ball for that item in that size with that make of yarn.

It's not very clear but in the dashboard photo you can see my new crochet hook. I decided to try out the Clover Amour range after reading that they were easy on the hands. I can confirm that they are! I must have crocheted for hours on that particular cold and windy day, without any discomfort at all.

If you're ever in Oakham (Rutland) and you knit or crochet, the tiny tiny wool shop which is packed to the rafters is well worth a visit. Lovely staff and beautifully organised pattern binders.


  1. I loooove my Clover Amour hooks. I've got almost all of the sizes now and I use them for everything now. They're much more comfortable than my basic aluminum hooks were. Your sweater is coming along very nicely. I haven't made many baby items but I wish I'd been better at crochet when mine were smaller to have made things for them. They were tiny babies and I would have had to learn to modify patterns, so maybe it was for the best. I'll make things for grandchildren someday, definitely. :)

  2. It's a lovely sweater Juanita. I like the soft handled crochet hooks too.

  3. It's a lovely sweater Juanita. I like the soft handled crochet hooks too.