Tuesday, 22 September 2015


We have a new addition! Meet Tilly. I got talked into this by the very persuasive E, and M was all for it too. He's more of a cat person. I'm very much a dog person. I'm a sucker for rescue animals though.

Tilly was found under a hedge with her kitten. The locals (somewhere in East Lincolnshire) had been feeding her for some time. She's about two or three years old, and yes, she looks remarkably similar to our beloved Mollie. Tilly is also much smaller than the average cat. She hasn't quite grown into her ears. The rescue charity named her and since she comes when you call her name it would be daft to rename her. Apparently black and white cats are the least popular when it comes to adoption. We couldn't imagine having any other type.

She's doing really well settling in with two bouncy dogs who try to lick her face. She's not having any of it though. She loves to play with a toy mouse on the end of a string, she even likes her pop up tunnel but she keeps pawing the hamster cage so I'm pretty sure the field mice and the water voles should be worried.

(Sadly we did find Mollie several weeks after she went missing whilst poorly. I'm glad we did.)


  1. lovely to meet you Tilly. your ears are gorgeous x

  2. Tilly is such a pretty cat and I love her ears. She's lucky to have found a good home with you x