Friday, 4 September 2015

First day back at school...

The children went back to school today. Yep, a Friday. Apparently it was designed to get all the timetable stuff and general excitement (yeah right!) out of the way so that they could begin in earnest on Monday. I'm not sure the children agreed with this tactic.

M and I on the other hand, seized the opportunity to have a day out before winter really sets in. Winter didn't seem very far away at all today, it was decidedly chilly. We set off for Oakham, in our smallest county of Rutland. We watched the railways journeys programme that Michael Portillo made not so long ago and the Castle was featured on the programme. I googled it and it seemed like Oakham would be worth a little look around. It's only an hour from home and yet I've never been.

What a shame that the Castle was closed for repairs until March next year! Instead we had a lovely stroll around the town, park and church. Thatched buildings and cottages aplenty. There's a fabulous garden cafe tucked away near the church. I wish I'd been brave enough to take a few photo's. There were gazebo's, sheds and a little summer house you could eat in. The stone walls had little china tea pot lids wedged in the crevices and various trees had tiny china cups dangling from them. It was all a bit mad hatter.

We left Oakham (after a quick visit to the tiny wool shop and a few charity shops!) and headed to Rutland Water. The kids have 'zorbed' there but like I said, I've never been. We had a walk round part of the lake; I'd have loved a proper hike but unfortunately M has a bad back and hip. Harvey would have loved the lake and Riley would have headed for the large group of moorhens, he never harms them, he's just very inquisitive!

By now we were ravenous and decided to drive the short distance into Stamford for a late lunch. There are various little cafes that we know but today we tried a new one. We found a French cafe with a real French person serving! Granted she didn't seem very happy but I'm sure she had her own reasons for that. One of the other young girls working there made the crepes right in front of us, with a Buckwheat flour batter and they were absolutely delicious! That's mine in the photo, with humus, red pepper, sun dried tomatoes and rocket. Yum. Not a bad first day back at school at all!