Friday, 25 September 2015

Off the hook...crochet waffle top

This reminds me of the lovely waffle sweaters my Nan used to knit for us when we were very small. It must have been a very long time ago, I can remember the stitch but I can't remember the colours. Hers were definitely knitted which I must admit gave the garments a lovely drape.

I could knit a waffle stitch sweater myself now but I much prefer to crochet and this is a similar effect, using raised trebles. The pattern is incredibly simply to follow, unlike the mess I got into trying to follow some of the other baby patterns!

I've started another, this time the hooded jacket version, and in a much more girly yarn. It's white with flecks of pastel shades. It's been a lesson in how different yarn looks once worked up though. It looks so much more subtle on the ball than in the fabric.


  1. oh that's sweet, I love boxy style baby clothes x

  2. That looks so cozy! Perfect for the upcoming fall weather :)

  3. Such a cute top, I love the stitch, and the colour too!
    Caz xx

    1. Thanks Caz. I think my two month old niece might be wearing these until she's two years old now that I've found a pattern I can follow! X