Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Torquay jumper...

Well yes, technical speaking I shouldn't have started another crochet project. I've got the baby waffle hoodie and Cedar River Blanket on the go in my 'current' basket. I had planned to make this entire jumper for E whilst away in Sussex for the week, all it needed was a quick visit to Battle Wool Shop but alas they didn't have what I was looking for yarn wise.

Fast forward another week and E changed her mind about the colour she'd like me to make it in. This was a good thing. Aran weight cotton was much easier to find in neutral off white. I can just hear my Mum, or Nan for that matter, looking at the project so far and saying, 'well that's gone horribly wrong hasn't it?' The fact that those raggy holes have a name; shred stitch, may not actually save this project from doing just that - going horribly wrong.

I've already had to rip back about seven rows. I said a few swear words and E swore she'd wear it every day for years. I told her that if it succeeded she'd have to wear it until she was at least forty five! That's the measure of how much I'm disliking this pattern right now.

I've never used shred stitch before (and probably never will again). It's worth looking it up on the Internet well before starting to follow this pattern. I'm still not sure I'm doing it exactly right. I've given up trying to get the stitch counts to work from the pattern and I'm freewheeling now, using the photographs as a guide.

At least it's a welcome one colour project after the riot that is the Cedar River Blanket. Gotta love a one colour project even if it does look like something the cat dragged in!

(The pattern is from a back copy of Inside Crochet; issue 43. Also available on Ravelry.)

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  1. It's an interesting stitch and I'm sure E will love the jumper. It'll look great with a coloured vest under it.