Monday, 28 September 2015


Have you ever had that problem with measuring spoons? You know the one, where you've used one for stirring paint, one has been lost, the dog chewed one (ok Riley chewed two) and the remainder aren't useful sizes? No? Probably just us then.

With the arrival of autumn we've been baking a little more. There were no plums at all this year so we've been more creative with the crop from our apple tree. All variations of apple pie, apple crumble, apple tartlets, stewed apple, you name it.

Baking was not on my mind when I popped into a branch of Asda Home for batteries recently and spotted these fantastic wooden measuring spoons! A bargain at £3. They suit our rustic kitchen very well. Apple strudel anyone?


  1. oh those are cute, I love the little creatures nesting in the bowls of the spoons.
    how is progress with the rustic kitchen btw?

    1. Very slow! Planning on doing some painting soon though and M swears he'll have the new worktops installed by Christmas! X