Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Don't forget the screen wash!

swear, these two are like having toddlers all over again.

Me: Where did you get that Harvey?

H: wag wag

Me: Are you telling me to clean my windscreen before I go on my trip Harvey?

H: wag wag

Me: I've already done that Harvey, that's why it's empty Harv.

H: (wanders off dejectedly) I just wanted to play with the darn thing Riley, doesn't she get it?

They aren't stupid, they know there's a little mud sweeping, car odour eliminating (damp dog with fox poo is impossible to eliminate), water and oil checking going on and they are sincerely hoping it's for their benefit. Sadly not.

As dog friendly as the stretch of South Coast I'm going to is, I'm having a child free, husband free and dog free break! Woohoo! I If I haven't already made it so, I think this should be a mandatory annual thing. (Maybe twice yearly).


  1. Oooh, your week of freedom sounds wonderful. I could really use one of those. Your dogs are hilarious! They look so eager to "help" you tidy things up. :)

  2. That sounds great Juanita. Have a wonderful time.