Sunday, 24 June 2012


I've been a bit off colour for a few days and therefore lacking a bit of get up and go. I've got no staying power with the longer crochet projects but I've been having great fun with shorter ones. I have *E* to thank for that since she asked me for a crochet coaster for her bedroom. I found a quick and easy pattern which i did in her chosen wool and since then I have found four more designs that have been mildly challenging. It seems to be suiting my concentration levels at the moment. Photo's to follow.

In the meantime I have a question...does anyone use 'blogger' on an iPad? I really prefer my photo's to start a post, rather than text. Blogger on iPad doesn't seem to cater for this or am I missing something?

Though, if I have to post text before photo's than perhaps that is better than faffing about with my old netbook downloading photos and generally taking about 10 times more time.

I ran up this little mascot bear on one of the sunny days this week. His little cricket tank top is in county colours.

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  1. sorry you've not been well.... xxx don't know the answer to the ipad question, don't have one of those. the bear is impossibly cute!