Friday, 8 June 2012

coconut, walnut and raisin muffins...

Rain stopped play against Hertfordshire today so we joined Mr H on a last minute booking with Sheffield Magistrates Court. Once there, we hopped on a tram to Meadowhall (otherwise known as Meadowhell), to top up the children's wardrobes after our recent clearing out sessions.

*J* was particularly short of trousers after the sort out. *E* insisted he needed to update his choices to include skinny jeans. His usual preferred long trousers are of the tracksuit type. So, now she has a cool little brother she can be proud of.

Once home, and armed with yet another new flour we haven't tried yet, Mr H decided to try out the recipe printed on the packet for walnut and raisin muffins. The flour is Organic Fairtrade Coconut Flour. Success at last! A batch of muffins that haven't ended up in the bin!

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  1. mmm those muffins are making me think it's time for breakfast! yum x