Sunday, 10 June 2012

a fine english sunday...

These cricket snaps look pretty much the same every time don't they? Big green lawn, a few trees, white fluffy clouds and lots of boys dressed in white. It would be more interesting to photograph the parents on the boundary.

We played Suffolk today and it was close, we won by 9 runs. *J* bowled 4 overs for 6, and took a catch later in the match.

Meanwhile, large wheeled portable fridges were opened with chilled wine, strawberries and cream and goodness knows what else. Our ham rolls and cheese and onion crisps were nothing compared to the Suffolk picnics! Mind you, one of our crowd did light a disposable BBQ which I thought was brave given that they inevitably smoke when the fat drops through to the coals. It did annoy a few people.

Whilst cricket teas were being eaten (for the boys) I did a bit of cloud-gazing...

I'm getting awful fond of clouds these days. I've no idea why. I haven't stared at clouds much since I was a child, but I'm finding it's similar to meditation. It empties the mind of stressful thoughts.

We came across this fairy ring on a walk around the boundary. What is the theory behind these? Something a lot less exciting than fairies, I'm sure.

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  1. hurray, a cricket match that didn't get rained off! those teas sound awfully posh, I'd be the one grumbling about the portable bbq I'm afraid....

    oh and the fairy rings, fungal infection of the grass I'm afraid, not fairies.