Thursday, 7 June 2012

lacy vest progress...

Oh my, what a lovely slender neck you have Hilda. Doesn't she just wear this colour well? She really deserves a more glamorous name.

My inexperience is showing a little in this crochet project. I followed the pattern to the letter and crocheted the back panel in pattern until it was the stated length. Of course, when you hold it up, or drape it on a model, it kinda grows longer with the weight of it. Remains to be seen whether this is going to be an issue or not.

What a simply splendid waist too. These colour changes are not quite as subtle as I was expecting but nonetheless it brightens up the process of crocheting no end.

Quite frankly my daughter could wear this as a dress, with a lining of course, though it is actually what the pattern book calls a vest, and I call a waistcoat. This is the back view, and once made up it won't nip at the waist so much (it only does this because I have pinned it to Hilda, ouch!). There is edging to do last. I love the bit where it says, 'increasing and decreasing as required to keep flat'. Oh boy. I love a challenge but keeping my edgings flat has not been a strong point so far.


  1. I have to say that it annoys me no end when a pattern calls for something like "work 30 stitches evenly down the side", when the side is usually something like 102 rows long, or any given number into which 30 goes a number of times with a multiple-decimal-place remainder! Yours is another case of a pattern that annoys me, unless of course it's a freebie, in which case I don't feel I have any right to criticise.
    Jolly good luck with it anyway - I personally think that long vests are very stylish.

  2. I totally agree, and this pattern booklet cost about £6 or £7 so they could at least be precise! There may be a lot of unravelling and redoing when it comes to that bit! I'll post a pic of the model wearing the vest, definitely stylish on her!