Tuesday, 5 June 2012

a right royal palaver!

I do apologise for my brief absence once again. Just a little blip in general health. If you're going to pass out cold then a GP's consulting room is as good a place as any; gets you a free ride in an ambulance! Oo the fuss, I could have lived without all that.

I'm thankful I was home in time to salvage a little of the Jubilee atmosphere by recuperating on the sofa and watching it all unfold on TV. Husband and children, meanwhile, were getting soaked to the skin at our local village green serving hot dogs and burgers to the masses on behalf of the cricket club.

Today I felt even stronger and made it over to M&D's for a lovely roast dinner. I loved the little table centrepiece Mum had put together using the Silver Jubilee mug I remember from my childhood - I'd have been seven when they had street parties for that! I can't say I can remember very much about that but it's likely I would have been wearing something made out of cordrouy! Three cheers for cords...

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