Tuesday, 19 June 2012

a short break...

Mr H and I have been away for a few days. A 3 day court case in Bournemouth came up and I think I said something like, 'there's no way you're leaving me behind for that one'. In fact it turned out to be the longest break we've had (from the children) since our honeymoon. Four glorious days and three nights without having to organise four people 24/7. It was much needed.

So, this was the scene that greeted us in sunny Bournemouth last Wednesday evening. At about 8.30pm people were still lying on the beach with very little on, small children were digging in the sand. A paraglider in the sky and a jetrider in the sea. Mr H couldn't resist a chat with the fishermen on the pier waiting for the mackeral to come in. Mostly Polish and Lithuanian fishermen these days it would seem.

View from the pier. In this weather it could be the Mediterranean! I was a student here, but haven't been back for about 15 years. Quite a lot has changed in that time, but there are still hundreds of students.

We had a nice romantic walk through this park. If you stand still for too long you attract a whole scurry of squirrels. We had half a packet of nuts which we thought would be nice to share. The sheer numbers of them gave me the heeby jeebies, they got so close!

A little further along and this new attraction looked ever so slightly tempting (for about a nanosecond)...

Um, nah, no thanks! Not great with heights. We managed to cram in quite a lot in the following days... Poole, Lyme Regis, Bridport, Dorchester, Salisbury, The New Forest and Winchester. Bridport has the most fabulous yarn shop. More photo's and details tomorrow.

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