Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A new toy...

It's taken us seven years to get round to purchasing a proper apple picker. I guess we've had other priorities. Spurred on by my tasty apple pie (and the danger involved in picking the apples) I googled apple pickers and read reviews into the small hours. There are quite a few different models out there. Some seem to have aluminium teeth with mesh bags and telescopic poles, and they don't come cheap. The general feedback on these is that the teeth break and the bag parts company with the frame.

Eventually I stumbled upon a good old fashioned wooden stick with a metal basket on the end. The basket has prongs that hook the branch that the apple is attached to and with a gentle tug it just pops the apple into the basket, which has a foam pad to stop the apples bruising. It's brilliant! I can definitely recommend it. The pole is only 1.4m long which, with 5'8 and outstretched arms means I can get most of the good ones. The rest will have to be harvested by M standing on something.

I got mine from a website called greenhousesensation.co.uk. It arrived very quickly. Would have been very handy for the plums at the end of August too.

Just the sleeves of my baby cardigan to crochet and attach and then buttons to choose and sew on, and then I will show you... I'm either out of touch with how big 3-6 month old babies are or this one is only fit for Hagrid's love child!

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