Friday, 18 October 2013

Roughing it...

The kitchen hardly looks any different one week on. The only change is a nice new fuse box on the wall. I'm relieved we've had all the wiring renewed and new lighting circuits put in. They were always dodgy. The fuse box tripped out at the slightest of things including storms, when everyone nearby was fine. We also had two lighting circuits, one of which did two of the bedrooms, the hall, dining room and porch light. This circuit only worked intermittently and was mostly not working. We had two electricians charge us for work on it and neither solved it. It looks like changing the junction box in the loft has finally fixed it. Believe me it's a novelty being able to find our way to the front door without the light from a mobile phone.

The plastering is next and not for a week so we've moved some food cupboards back in temporarily to make life easier. The hall feels nice and spacious once more and there's a bit more room in the dining room. We no longer have to shimmy sideways to get through to the conservatory.

Having been making coffee for the electrician for the last three days (and putting up with his cigarette smoke wafting from the back door through the house) I desperately wanted to get out of the house today. M had a day off too. We couldn't go for a walk because M has a bad hip. So we drove some rubble and worktops to the tip. What a lovely day out.

On the plus side, with the electrician being here, I have been hiding myself away in the conservatory and doing a little crochet. I've been working on Jake's blanket. Only two stripes to go now. It'll be the biggest blanket I've made so far. I've also 'cast on' for a quick project for myself. It's my birthday next week and I might even have it finished in time for that. It's the shrug from the latest issue of Simply Crochet. I'm really not a small cardigan/shrug kind of person but I'll give anything a go once. It looks pretty straightforward and I had plenty of aran weight wool. As it happens I have a 400g ball intended for Jake's blanket but turned out not to be a very compatible colour. I'd like to think its a denim type shade but in fact it's got a slight hue of purple about it, luckily more blue than purple though. At the moment it's just a plain strip of treble crochet fabric so I'll take a pic when it gets a bit more interesting. I wondered whether there was anyone out there who has already made one in their own colour choice so googled it, but couldn't find anything, I suppose because the pattern is only just out.

Kitchen work this weekend: stripping the rest of the wallpaper off. It's nasty plasticky stuff that was the choice of the previous owners. They didn't give a stuff about how difficult it is to get off! At least there is only one layer this time. When we did Ella's bedroom a while ago there were *4* nasty plasticky wallpaper layers to get off. It made the walls an extra half inch thick at least! As we say in our family, they must have hired the DIY duo 'Bodgeit & Scarper'!

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