Sunday, 20 October 2013

Little cat, big nuisance...

Mollie has been a bit of a pickle lately. She's been doing that street running business in the kitchen; running and leaping from object to object without touching the floor. Clever. Not so clever is the dusty footprints she leaves behind. The dust from the kitchen floor is a losing battle.

She's also started her winter mouse culling programme. Last year she left them whole on the doormat. This year she seems to have developed a taste for mouse heads. This Is Not A Good Thing. Last week I had to step over two mouse bodies quite a few times before M got home from work and gave them a watery burial. Yuk.

Just when we've finally found the bed of her dreams (her Amazon box) she decides it's time to explore other options. See above for sunny afternoons on the deck, in Jake's old bed which is now Harvey's outdoor basket. Harvey was not impressed. Not one bit.

Then she discovered the freshly washed cushion cover on Ella's bedroom chair. She's a sucker for fresh linen, but so am I. I think this cover had been on for all of an hour before her nose led her there. It's now covered in black hair. Thanks Moll.

Is there a cat thing going on here that I'm unaware of, or is it just Mollie? I find dogs are a lot easier to understand. Harvey's language is mud and water. Preferably at the same time.

I think the cat might be having a mid life crisis! She's not the only one. Next week my age begins with 4 and ends with 4 and I'm thinking, is it too late to dye my hair blue?

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