Thursday, 10 October 2013


I've had my iPad a while now and I've only just got round to using the Kindle app on it. I also have a Kindle which I must admit I don't use as often as I should given that it cost £89. I find myself taking it along whenever M has a day off and we go out for the day. Inevitably he has to take business calls when we're having lunch or coffee and I get bored looking at the back of his phone.

M takes his iPad everywhere and therefore always has something to read, something to take notes on, something to look up the nearest... whatever (wool shop!) So I thought I'd get my Kindle App up and running and make a start on my backlog of free novels. Somehow I got browsing and stumbled across this American crochet book, One Skein Wonders, and couldn't believe it was only £1.49. The paper version is nearly £10 at the moment. I orderd it and downloaded it and hey presto, it's in colour! Doh. I'm not sure why I thought it would be in black and white, perhaps because my Kindle is.

It's a big improvement on owning a Kindle I must say. I like being able to click on something of interest in the table of contents and go straight there. The book is organised in yarn weights with a good variety of projects. I've resisted buying this kind of book in electronic format until now but at this kind of price I'd gladly buy any of my paper crochet books for Kindle just for the portability aspect.

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