Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Another year older...

The best laid plans and all that... we shelved plans to go to the coast this afternoon on account of the dreadful weather. I did a spot of crochet, opened my pressies, got lots of nice cards...

...and just when I was worried I might never find a tasty gluten free cake, one arrived here via Jake (whose football training week was a bit of a wash out) in the shape of a Warburtons Blueberry and Cranberry muffin complete with birthday candle. Thanks Mum! Now all I need to do is force everyone to sing Happy Birthday and my day will be complete.

PS. Thanks R&L for the very apt 'too many candles, so little cake' how true, how true.

NB. I resisted the blue hair dye. I'll have my mid life crisis next year.

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