Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Simple crochet baby jumper...

I was right about my baby cardigan. It turned out a little large for 3-6 months. In fact it was nearer toddler age, so I put it to one side today (because I was a bit miffed with it) and attempted an altogether simpler pattern. This one is by Vicki Brown and was featured in Issue 27 of Inside Crochet. I ran out of blue wool with one row to go which is why it has a pale blue neckline. I tried various embellishments but decided it looked better plain, though if it was for a girl I did a cute pale blue flower with a white middle.

Just to give an idea of how dinky it is I laid it on my newly acquired angora/merino sweater. Made in Italy and only £3. This is the second expensive wool sweater I've bought recently. The first was a lovely dusky blue cashmere and wool affair in a fine knit with three quarter length sleeves, that was £4. I think these things end up in charity shops because some poeple find them itchy. They both look brand new.

Tomorrow I will return to my first cardigan attempt and finish it anyway. It's a much cleverer looking garment and I reckon cardigans are always a better option for dressing babies, no pulling clothes over their little heads!

Once that is done I am going to take a break from following patterns and take a leaf out of my Mum's book. She's much better at crochet than I am and never follows a pattern. Now that I am armed with chest measurements for baby sizes I'm planning a boat neck top, possibly with a button or two on the shoulder, using granny squares.

This reminds me of a very good friend I had when we were both studying (me, graphic design and her, illustration). When she heard I was expecting Ella she decided to learn to knit. This was nearly sixteen years ago and there weren't as many classes or knit and natter groups as there are now. She joined a local knitting circle which was mainly grandmothers. Her first attempt was a cardigan which used only squares of garter stitch with two folded down for a collar. It was great. I loved it. I appreciated that she had learnt this new skill and made it completely herself. Later attempts became more adventurous and colourful. By the time Ella was three she declared that she was too big for hand knits and would start making clothes for her favourite doll instead. 'Dolly' has an extensive wardrobe of hand knitted skirts, cardigans and jumpers and even shoes based on bootie patterns (the doll had big feet!).

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